General Knowledge - Biology

1. Who first observed the plasma membrane?

2. Endoplasmic reticulum is bound by

3. The primary energy for living organisms is

4. Autophagy is the function of

5. Plant cells can usually be distinguished because only plant cells possess

6. The thin layer that forms a common layer for any two adjacent cells is

7. The cytoplasm of a cell refers to

8. The cells that make up neurilemma in nerve tissue are

9. The protoplasm of a child is exactly the same as that of its

10. The powerhouse of a cell is the:

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    Subsequent serves

    Following the first serve of a match, subsequent serves shall be made by the team last scored upon. First serves in subsequent games of a multi game match shall be made by the team which lost the preceding game. If the ball is served by the wrong team, and the violation is discovered before the ball is scored, play shall be stopped and the ball shall be re served by the proper team. Once the ball is scored, no protests shall be allowed, and play shall continue as if no infraction had been committed. If a team receives the serve because the opposing team is being penalized for a rules infraction, and if, after the ball is served, it goes dead or leaves the table and must be re served, it shall be re served by the team who originally served it prior to the infraction.

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