General Knowledge - Chemistry

1. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct?

2. Consider the following statements: 1. Steam at 100 degree C and boiling water at 100 degree C contains same amount of heat. 2. Latent heat of fusion of ice is equal to the latent heat of vaporization of water. 3. In an air-conditioner, heat is extracted from the room-air at the evaporator coils and is rejected out at the condenser coils. Which of these statements is/are correct?

3. Hydrogen is used instead of Helium to fill balloons for meteorology because

4. The tip of the match-stick contains

5. Consider the following statements: The purpose of adding sodium sulphate and sodium silicate to the detergent in a washing powder is 1. To keep washing powder dry 2. To maintain the alkalinity of the powder Which of the statements is/are correct?

6. Global warming is due to increased production of all the following, except

7. Which of the following gas is used in cigarette lighters

8. Regarding the atom of a chemical element, the magnetic quantum number refers to

9. Select the one which is not a mixture

10. Biogas mainly contains

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    Take on shorter shots for practice. The reason you practise is to get better for the industry, so practise the length of shot you are likely to encounter on the job, which will rarely be more than 10 seconds. Youre more likely to finish shots that are manageable, gaining skills from blocking through to final polish.

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