General Knowledge - Computer Questions

1. _____ is processed by the computer into information

2. What do you press to enter the current date in a cell?

3. What is the control unit's function in the CPU

4. Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?

5. How do you print your slides in a handout that includes lines for notes?

6. What displays the content of the active cell in Excel?

7. To find and load a file that has been saved -

8. Which function calculates the largest value in a set of numbers in Excel?

9. Back up of the data files will help to prevent -

10. The primary purpose of software is to turn data into

General Knowledge

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    Fluency Over Vocabulary

    While fluency and vocabulary technically carry the same weight in grading, its better to be fluent and fluid than to spend several seconds thinking of the best word. Your overall impression will be much stronger if you speak fluidly and only hunt around for a great word once or twice. Chances are that if you keep talking, your next chance to speak will yield a strong vocabulary word.

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