GK - Economics Test - 01

1. The surn of the marginal propensity to consume and the marginal propensity to save must be equal to

2. When average cost increases marginal cost is

3. A firm is said to be of optimum size when

4. In a capitalist economy, the pattern of output is determined

5. Under perfect competition and liorl run, a firm would continue to produce, provided

6. A Firm will shut down rather than carry on producing in the short run if

7. An indifference curve for an individual consumer represents graphically

8. Which Plan recommended ZeroBased Budgeting (ZBB) as a step to control public expenditure ?

9. Select from the following list the costs which are most likely to vary with the output of a car manufacturer during a period of a year.

10. An upward and leftward movement of an upward-sloping supply curve for a commodity could be caused by all of the following, except

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