GK - Economics Test - 01

1. Select from the following list the costs which are most likely to vary with the output of a car manufacturer during a period of a year.

2. In a capitalist economy, the pattern of output is determined

3. Which of the following commodity groups is/are considered for working out average index ?
(i) Fuel groups
(ii) Primary articles
(iii) Manufactured products

4. Disguised unemployment is the prominent feature of

5. Which one of the following is not a flow concept ?

6. Under perfect competition and liorl run, a firm would continue to produce, provided

7. An upward and leftward movement of an upward-sloping supply curve for a commodity could be caused by all of the following, except

8. Which of the folowing businesses would probably find it easiest to borrow money from complete strangers ?

9. If the elasticity of demand for a good is equal to (-)2 then a 1 percent price rise will

10. A producer under monopolistic advertises his product so that it can

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