GK - Economics Test - 02

1. Expenditure on which of the following is, not considered investment in the theory of income determination ?

2. Which of the following is more effective to control prices in the long run ?

3. The slope of an indifference curve represents the

4. An indifference curve for an individual consumer represents graphically

5. Which of the folowing businesses would probably find it easiest to borrow money from complete strangers ?

6. Total revenue of a firm is maxmimum when marginal revenue

7. It will pay a monopolist to cut the price of his product if

8. Which Plan recommended ZeroBased Budgeting (ZBB) as a step to control public expenditure ?

9. Which of the following commodity groups is/are considered for working out average index ?
(i) Fuel groups
(ii) Primary articles
(iii) Manufactured products

10. Slationalisation or public control of an industry is often supported by economists because

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