GK - Economics Test - 03

1. Deflation is

2. Which one of the following not directly the concern of the economist ?

3. Of the following statements, which one best describes the consumption function?

4. All revenues received, loans raised and I money received in repayment of loans by the Union Government go into

5. The total utihty which a consurner derives from n units of a commodity minus the total utility he derives firom 'n -1' unit is

6. Private investment will most-likely to be increased as a result of a rise in

7. If a firm is producing an output the marginal cost of which is greater then the marginal revenue,it

8. If the Indian is making a loss on passenger traffic, it should increase its prices. The suggested remedy would only work if the demand for air travel had a price elasticity of

9. Customs duties, export duties, Oration taxes, taxes on capital value of assets (excluding agricultural land of individuals and companies) are

10. NNP (Net National Product)or National Income is the money value of

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