GK - Economics Test - 03

1. If the Indian is making a loss on passenger traffic, it should increase its prices. The suggested remedy would only work if the demand for air travel had a price elasticity of

2. The angency estimating the national income of India is

3. For most consumers, milk and substitute goods. Therefore we should expect a rise in price of milk lead to

4. Of the following statements, which one best describes the consumption function?

5. If a firm is producing an output the marginal cost of which is greater then the marginal revenue,it

6. If two goods are complements, it is that a rise in the price of one commodity will induce

7. At full employment income, which of the following would be most likely, to lead to inflation?

8. If the marginal pwpensity to save of the rich is greatei than that of the poor then redistributiop of income from poor to rich will raise

9. Which one of the following not directly the concern of the economist ?

10. Of the gross tax revenue of the Union Government the indirect taxes account for nearly

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