GK - Economics Test - 03

1. Deflation is

2. Which one of the following not directly the concern of the economist ?

3. The balance of payment comprises

4. A consumer's equilibrium choice or position is one at which

5. If an economy is in equilibrium at the point where plans to save and to invest ire equal, then goverbiiietit expenditure must be

6. Other things being equal, a decrease in demand can be caused by a decrease in demand can be caused by a

7. If two goods are complements, it is that a rise in the price of one commodity will induce

8. Of the gross tax revenue of the Union Government the indirect taxes account for nearly

9. At full employment income, which of the following would be most likely, to lead to inflation?

10. If a firm is producing an output the marginal cost of which is greater then the marginal revenue,it

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