GK - Economics Test - 03

1. Deflation is

2. If an economy is in equilibrium at the point where plans to save and to invest ire equal, then goverbiiietit expenditure must be

3. Other things being equal, a decrease in demand can be caused by a decrease in demand can be caused by a

4. The law of demand states that

5. Which of the following is correct regarding the gross domestic savings in india?

6. For most consumers, milk and substitute goods. Therefore we should expect a rise in price of milk lead to

7. If the marginal pwpensity to save of the rich is greatei than that of the poor then redistributiop of income from poor to rich will raise

8. Currency drain is a phenomenon referresd to when

9. If two goods are complements, it is that a rise in the price of one commodity will induce

10. If a firm is producing an output the marginal cost of which is greater then the marginal revenue,it

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