GK - Economics Test - 04

1. The Gavernment of India acquired the Ownership and control of major banks in 1969 whose deposits were not less than

2. The marginal productivity theory of wages states that

3. The term 'Hindu rate- of growth' refers to the 3.7% per annum growth rate achieved by the Indian economy over the first six Five Year Plans.The term was coined by

4. The movement of a cansumer's budget line, an an indifference map, ta a parallel position to the right indicates that

5. Which one of the following statements of relationship of national income (Y), consumption (C), and insvestment (I), in the famous model of Keynes, is correct ?

6. Marginal revenue will be pasitive if the demand is

7. A demand curve far a commodity is usually drawn an the assumption that

8. Marginal revenue will be zera if the elasticity of demand is

9. National Income of India is compiled by

10. The sum of which the following constitutes Broad Money india ?
Curreircy with the public
Demand deposit with the banks
time deposits with banks
Other diposits with RBI
Choose the correct answer using the code given bellow

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