GK - Economics Test - 04

1. For which one of the following items, is Tirupur well known as a huge exporter to many parts of the world ?

2. The aim of a rational cansumer in allocating his incame is to

3. Which of the following do not enter into marginal casts?

4. A demand curve far a commodity is usually drawn an the assumption that

5. If the demand and supply schedules for a commodity both increase by an equal absolute amount, the market price will tend to

6. National Income of India is compiled by

7. Secular stagnation refers to

8. A public enterprise distinguished from a private enterprise by whether

9. Which of the following could explain why the supply curve far a commodity slopes downwards?

10. The movement of a cansumer's budget line, an an indifference map, ta a parallel position to the right indicates that

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