GK - Economics Test - 04

1. Secular stagnation refers to

2. Ceteris patibus means

3. The sum of which the following constitutes Broad Money india ?
Curreircy with the public
Demand deposit with the banks
time deposits with banks
Other diposits with RBI
Choose the correct answer using the code given bellow

4. National Income of India is compiled by

5. A shift to the left of a demand curve could be due to a .

6. In the Keynes model above, which is independent ?

7. The Gavernment of India acquired the Ownership and control of major banks in 1969 whose deposits were not less than

8. Casts which vary with output amy be called

9. A public enterprise distinguished from a private enterprise by whether

10. The aim of a rational cansumer in allocating his incame is to

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