General Knowledge - Games and Sports

1. Who broke Pete Sampras's record of maximum Grand Slams in tennis ?

2. Who won the Chinese Grand Prix recently?

3. Olympic Games are organised after a gap of every

4. Which one of the following is full form of ICC?

5. M. S. Dhoni is the first wicket-keeper to make two centuries in One-Day International Cricket in India. he made these centuries while playing against -

6. The first one-day Cricket World Cup tournament was held in

7. Amelie Mauresmo, who won the Wimbledon. Tennis Women's Singles Title 2006, is from which country?

8. With which one of the following sports is Jayanta Talukdar associated?

9. Asafa Powell, the 100 meters race world record holder is from which country?

10. The Hockey World Player for 2009 is

General Knowledge

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