General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. In which of the following elections, the system of Proportional Representation with single transferable voting has been provided ? (i)President and vice Prersident (ii)Speaker (iii)Rajya Sabha (iv)Chairman of State Legislature Council

2. The 42nd amendment act(1976) was practically a revision of the indian constitution because

3. The units under a unitary system of government enjoy

4. Which one of the following is the proper authority to effect deprivation of some of the fundamental rights of the armed forces?

5. The electoral college that elects the Vice-President of India consists of:

6. Which one of the following is the meaning of 'to be informed'?

7. What was the important landmark judgement regarding amendment of the Constitution (Article 368)

8. Who said in his judgement that no part of our Constitution is unamendable

9. According to the Preamble of its Constitution, India is a :

10. The Constitution of India enjoins upon the Councils of Ministers to dicharge 'double responsibility'

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