General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. Which one of the following statements is correct?

2. Who Presides over the meeting of the council of Ministers?

3. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution did the President make a reference to the Supreme Court to seek the Court's opinion on the Constitutional validity of the Election Commission's decision on deferring the Gujarat Assembly elections (in the year 2002)?

4. The Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission enjoys the status similar to that of the/a

5. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court of India had discover the 'Due Process' found in the American Constitution?

6. Article 14 of the Indian Constitution speaks about 'Equal Protection of the Law' which means

7. In Which of the Following Cases , the Supreme Court ruled that the Preamble is not a part of the Constitution?

8. The logo of the Dharmachakra was adopted by Supreme court of India on

9. The Nature of Planning commission Can be Rightly Described as:

10. Which of the following authorities can provide for the Grants-in-Aid to the States if it deems necessary?

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