General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. Which of the following is empowered to entertain any disputes relating to elections of the Prime Minister and the Speaker to the Parliament on an elections petitions?

2. What is the qualifying age for a citizen to contest in the elections to the Panchayats? It is not less than

3. Which on of the following authorities has the power to prescribe the tenure of office of the Chief Election Commissioner?

4. The 44th Amendment of the Indian Constitution withdraw the Fundamental Right

5. The Nature of Planning commission Can be Rightly Described as:

6. The power to enlarge the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India with respect to any matter included in the Union List of Legislative Power rests with

7. Under which Article of Indian Constitution did the President give his assent to the ordinance on electoral reforms when it was sent back to him by the Union Cabinet without making any changes (in the year 2002)?

8. Which one of the following High Court has the Territorial Jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

9. The Concept of 'Popular Sovereignty' refers to the power of the

10. Article 14 of the Indian Constitution speaks about 'Equal Protection of the Law' which means

General Knowledge

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    When you make your wicket in order or hit the turn stake you get one extra shot.If you hit roquet a ball you get two strokes. The first shot can be played from a mallet head distance or less away from the ball that was hit taking a mallet head . from a position in contact with the ball that was hit, with the striker ball held steady by the strikers foot or hand a foot shot or hand shot . from a position in contact with the ball that was hit, with the striker ball not held by foot or hand a croquet shot . from where the striker ball stopped after the roquet. The second bonus shot after a roquet is an ordinary shot played from where the striker ball came to rest, called a continuation shot. You are dead on a ball for extra shots until you clear your next wicket or start of your next turn whichever comes first. Please see the USCA 9 Wicket Rules for a more comprehensive description of deadness.

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