General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. The Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission enjoys the status similar to that of the/a

2. The Proper authority to specify which caste or Tribe shall be deemed to be scheduled castes or tribes is the:

3. The objective of 'Judicial Review' is to ensure

4. The power to enlarge the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India with respect to any matter included in the Union List of Legislative Power rests with

5. The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, whose permission is required for cultivation of any genetically modified crop such as Bt-Cotton in India, is under the union ministry of

6. The Comptroller and Auditor General exercises Control over state Finances through his power to

7. What is the qualifying age for a citizen to contest in the elections to the Panchayats? It is not less than

8. The logo of the Dharmachakra was adopted by Supreme court of India on

9. The Zonal Councils were Provided by

10. Attorney General of India is Appointed by

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