General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. Which one of the following High Court has the Territorial Jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

2. Which of the following statements are correct: I The SC was first set up in the Chambers of the Princes within the Parliament building. II. It was set up two days after India become independent.

3. The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, whose permission is required for cultivation of any genetically modified crop such as Bt-Cotton in India, is under the union ministry of

4. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court of India had discover the 'Due Process' found in the American Constitution?

5. Which amendment of the constitution deals with the Scheduled Tribes and the other Forest Dwellers Rights Act 2005 ?

6. Who Presides over the meeting of the council of Ministers?

7. Which of the following authorities can provide for the Grants-in-Aid to the States if it deems necessary?

8. Which one of the following Articles Provide "Right to Equality"?

9. Which one of the following statements is correct?

10. Under which Article of Indian Constitution did the President give his assent to the ordinance on electoral reforms when it was sent back to him by the Union Cabinet without making any changes (in the year 2002)?

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