General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. Under which constitutional amendment Panchayati Raj in India has been given a constitutional basis-

2. Under what circumstances can the Indian President proclaim emergency according to article 352 of the Constitution?
i) External Aggression
ii) Armed Rebellion
iii) Instability of Government
iv) Financial Crisis

3. The Council of Ministers is to aid and advice in the first instance

4. The Indian constitution provides for the appointment of Ad Hoc judges in the-

5. The President of India can exercise his veto power in respect of-

6. Which of the following Constitutional Amendments are related to raising the number of Members of Lok Sabha to be elected from the states?

7. The Panchayati Raj is based on the principal of -

8. The definition of political party was given for the first time by-

9. The meeting of the Rajya Sabha are presided over by the

10. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by-

General Knowledge

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