General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. Which article of the Indian Constitution empowers Parliament to regulate the right of Citizenship?

2. Match List-I with List-II: List-I: A. Directive Principles of state policy B. Fundamental Rights C. Concurrent List in Union State Relations D. India as a Union of states with greater power to Union List-II: 1. Australia 2. Canada 3. Ireland 4. United Kingdom 5. United states of America

3. Under what circumstances can the Indian President proclaim emergency according to article 352 of the Constitution?
i) External Aggression
ii) Armed Rebellion
iii) Instability of Government
iv) Financial Crisis

4. A Minister who wants to resign from the council of Ministers in India shall address his resignation letter to-

5. Under which constitutional amendment Panchayati Raj in India has been given a constitutional basis-

6. Which one of the following ensures personal freedom?

7. Which of the following does not fall within the purview of ordinance making power of the President?

8. A common High Court for two or more states and/or Union Territories may be established by the

9. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by-

10. Who among the following can participate in the proceedings of the both Houses of the Parliament?

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