General Knowledge - Physics

1. In resistance heating, highest working temperature is obtained from heating elements made of...

2. Water boils at a lower temperature on the hills because

3. Select the one which is not a mixture.

4. Echoes are due to

5. When the load is above ....., a synchronous motor is found to be more economical.

6. The special filters used to reduce pollutants from the exhaust of a car are called

7. Which one of the following allotropes of carbon is used for cutting and drilling?

8. One complete set of positive and negative values of an alternating quantity is known as a

9. The velocity ratio of a screw jack is

10. Lever functions on which of the following principles?

General Knowledge

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    Stand with your back to the wind

    Hold your kite up by the bridle point and let the line out. If there is sufficient wind, your kite will go right up. Let the kite fly away from you a little, then pull in on the line as the kite points up so it will climb. Repeat this until your kite gains the altitude necessary to find a good steady wind.

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