General Knowledge - Physics

1. Which one of the following allotropes of carbon is used for cutting and drilling?

2. When the load is above ....., a synchronous motor is found to be more economical.

3. Protein is not available in which of the following?

4. Two resistance of 3? and 6? respectively are connected to a battery of 18V in series. The current passing through the circuit is

5. The device used for converting A. C. from higher voltage to lower voltage or vice versa is called

6. X-rays comprise of:

7. Consider the following statements: A 4-wheel vehicle moving a sharp circular path at high speed will 1. Overturn about its outer wheels 2. Overturn about its inner wheels 3. Skid outwards 4. Skid inwards Which of these statements are correct?

8. Refrigerators keep food unspoiled because

9. In steam turbine the action of steam is -

10. Which device mixes air and petrol (gas) for the internal combination engine?

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