General Knowledge - Physics

1. A falling drop of rain water acquires the spherical shape due to

2. What is the value of knee voltage of silicon diode?

3. The capacitance, in force-current analogy, is analogous to -

4. Selectivity of the receiver can be increased by which of the following?

5. Which of the following language was added to the Eighth schedule to the Constitution of India by 21st Constitutional Amendment Act 1967?

6. Indian Constitution does not clearly provide for the 'Freedom of Press' but this freedom is implicit in the Article.

7. Which of the following motors is preferred when quick speed reversal is the main consideration?

8. When 1 litre of water freezes, the volume of ice formed will be

9. A body is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 100 m/sec. While coming back on ground, its speed at starting point will be

10. What is the proper use of signal generator?

General Knowledge

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