General Knowledge - Physics

1. A diode....

2. An electronics circuits in which different components such as Diode, Resistor and Capacitor etc. are connected separately is called -

3. A body is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 100 m/sec. While coming back on ground, its speed at starting point will be

4. A transformer mainly transforms -

5. What is the unit of electrical energy?

6. A periscope works by the principle of

7. Which of the following states does not have legislative council?

8. Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is available only to Citizens in India?

9. In a telescope of magnification power 10, the focal length of the objective lens is 60 cm, what will be the total length of eyepiece

10. The Provision of Contingency Fund of India has been made under -

General Knowledge

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