General Knowledge - Physics

1. A diode....

2. A falling drop of rain water acquires the spherical shape due to

3. A periscope works by the principle of

4. When 1 litre of water freezes, the volume of ice formed will be

5. Which of the following light waves is outside the visible spectrum?

6. By which Constitutional Amendment Acts, was it provide that Parliament has the power to abridge or take away any of the enactment of Constitutional Amendment Act?

7. A body is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 100 m/sec. While coming back on ground, its speed at starting point will be

8. Superconductors are those materials

9. An electronics circuits in which different components such as Diode, Resistor and Capacitor etc. are connected separately is called -

10. What is the S. I. unit of magnetic flux density?

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