General Knowledge - Political Science

1. Who gave the view that A constitutional state 'is one in which the powers of government, the rights of the governed and the relations between the two are adjusted'?

2. Which institution in a federal system is called 'Balancing Wheel of the Constitution'?

3. Solar-B satellite to study the sun has been launched by

4. Which of the following is the inalienable attribute of the parliamentary system of government?

5. Which of the following commission was appointed to examine the centre-state relations in India?

6. Who is of the view that the sovereign cannot tax his subjects without their consent?

7. Which of the following antibiotic drug used extensively to treat cattle in India is found to be the main culprint of vanishing 99% population of India vultures -

8. Who said that the development of art and science has spoiled man ?

9. The constitutional validity of a state-law in India may be challenged -

10. Locke laid the philosophical foundation of the theory of-

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