General Knowledge - Political Science

1. Non-conventional source of energy best suited for India is

2. Grantham Prize is constituted to felicitate the journalists working in the area of

3. Radioactive element which has been found to have large reserves in India is

4. PSLV-C14 in its latest space quest had carried Oceasat-2 with how many foreign nano satellites

5. The resources which can be used continuously, year-after-year are called

6. The central point of social contract theory is that the state is-

7. The Indian Constitution provides for the joint sittings of both Houses of Parliament in connection with-

8. The thinkers of which country have common tendency to entrust sovereignty to an organ of the government.

9. German Silver is an alloy of -

10. Locke laid the philosophical foundation of the theory of-

General Knowledge

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    Have a good cry

    Even though you may not want to cry because you are trying to feel better and want to feel happy again, sometimes crying can improve your mood. If you feel the urge to cry, then dont hold back and instead let the tears out when you feel like it. The act of crying might make you feel better and more relieved, as the act of purging the tears can create the sense that you got the sadness off your chest. Studies suggest that a majority of people who cry feel better than they did before they cried. In part this is because crying is one of the bodys natural ways of ridding itself of stress hormones.
    However, although it can be helpful to cry to reduce stress and improve your mood, it is important to know that not being able to control your tears may be a sign of a more serious emotional or hormonal issue.If you find that you cannot stop crying, you should seek professional help from a physician or therapist.

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