History of India

1. Jatakas are a collection of 550

2. Hinayana believes in

3. Which of the following was included in the empire of Chandragupta Maurya ?

4. Which of the following is the point of difference . between; Mahayana and Hinayana ?

5. Ashoka sent 'Bhikshus', to foreign countries, to preach Buddhism. He sent his son Mahindra to

6. Which of the following is the point of agreement between Buddhism and Hinduism ?

7. With which of the following countries India carried on trade during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya ?

8. Which of the following is the cause of decline of Buddhism in India ?

9. Which of the following was the cause of spread of Buddhism in India ?

10. Name the famous Buddhist poet, musician, scholar and philosopher who took a leading part in the fourth Buddhist Council which met during Kanishka's reign.

General Knowledge

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