History of India

1. After the death of Harsha Vardhana, India disintegrated into a,. number of independent states. The two states Ajmer and Delhi were ruled by

2. Harsha moved his capital to

3. Which of the following statements is correct about Harsha's. religious policy ?

4. Harsha ascended the throne in

5. Which of the following statements regarding the, comparison of Ashoka and Kanishka is correct ?

6. Which of the following factors contributed to the collapse of the Mauryan empire?

7. Kanishka built his capital at

8. Gupta age was the age of

9. Which of the following was not a feature of the Gupta period ?

10. Samudragupta's poet laureate was

General Knowledge

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    Have well defined consequences

    Set specific consequences for breaking the rules. Decide what those consequences are and then implement them consistently. Your consequences should follow a procedure that starts with a non-verbal signal (such as just looking at the student), to a verbal signal (asking the student to please stop talking), to a verbal warning (if this continues there will be consequences), to the implementation of the consequence. The consequences are up to you and depend on the program of the school. Many schools have a detention system (students do despise detentions), or perhaps writing lines, or sitting away from other students.

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