History of India

1. Gupta age was the age of

2. Who was the founder of Kushan dynasty?

3. Who was Pushyamitra ?

4. Which of the following statements is correct about Harsha's. religious policy ?

5. Which of the following was the 'finding' of Huien Tsang ?

6. Name the first Chinese pilgrim who came to India during the reign of Gupta dynasty.

7. Nagarjuna, a Buddhist lawyer, was at the court of

8. Which of the following visited India during the reign of king-Harsha ?

9. After the death of Harsha Vardhana, India disintegrated into a,. number of independent states. The two states Ajmer and Delhi were ruled by

10. Rajput women used to perform 'janhar' so that

General Knowledge

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    Dachigam National Park

    Located very close to Srinagar (22 km), Dachigam National Park with its splendid forests and magnificent scenery is easily accessible. Of all the many sanctuaries in the state, the one at Dachigam is the best known. At one time the exclusive hunting preserve of the Maharaja of Kashmir, it was declared a national park in 1951, and owing to a strictly enforced conservation programme, the Hangul population, once 150, now stands at over 400 animals. The two sectors of the Park Upper and Lower Dachigam are spread over an area of 141 sq km. and altitudes vary between 1,700 and 4,300 metres. Two steep ridges enclose the Park with its great topographical variety deep ravines, rocky outcrops, steep wooded slopes and rolling alpine pastures. Tumbling down from the Masrar Lake (4,300m), up in the high ranges, the Dachigam River winds through Lower Dachigam.

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