History of India

1. Which of the following was, the cause of advent of Islam in India ?

2. Which of the following statements, about the Second Battle of Tarain (Thanesar), is incorrect ?

3. Mahmud of Ghazni was the patron of poet

4. Why Mahmud of Ghazni attacked only the temple towns in northern India ?

5. Which of the following was the court poet of Prithvi Rai ?

6. Name the Chola prince who wrote long classic poems which are regarded as the major classics of Tamil literature.

7. Name the first historical ruler of Chola dynasty?

8. In which of the following battles Mohammed Ghori was defeated by Prithvi Rai ?

9. The Laccadives and the Maldives islands were conquered by Indians in the reign of

10. Name the king who constituted a Hindu Confederacy to face Mahmud of Ghazni.

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