History of India

1. Why Mahmud of Ghazni attacked only the temple towns in northern India ?

2. Name the king who constituted a Hindu Confederacy to face Mahmud of Ghazni.

3. Pulakesin II was defeated and killed by

4. Which of the following statements, about the rule of Alauddin KhUji, is correct ?

5. Which of the following was the achievement of Balban ?

6. Mahmud of Ghazni was the patron of poet

7. Which Chalukya ruler defeated Harsba?

8. Mahmud of Ghazni looted the famous Sonmath Temple in

9. Why Alauddin Khilji invaded Mewar ?

10. Which of the following statements, about the Second Battle of Tarain (Thanesar), is incorrect ?

General Knowledge

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