History of India

1. Name the king who made a 2,036 miles long road from Bengal to the north-west frontier.

2. Nicolo Conti, an Italian traveller, visited

3. Which of the following battles resulted in the fall of Vijayanagar ?

4. Which of the following was the contribution of Balaji Vishwanath ?

5. Which of the following places was ruled by Babar ?

6. Where did Babar die ?

7. Into how many provinces King Hassan had divided his kingdom ?

8. Which of the following statements, about the nobles of the court of Bahmani Sultan, is incorrect ?

9. Which of the following statements is true about Shivaji who rose from the position of a Jagirdar io become Chhatrapati ?

10. Which of the following rulers of Vijayanagar Kingdom had to give his daughter in marriage to his successful enemy ?

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