History of India

1. Which of the following was the contribution of Balaji Vishwanath ?

2. Which of the following was the cause of disintegration of Bahmani Kingdom ?

3. Tuzuk-i-Babari, the memoirs of Babar, were written in

4. Which of the following rulers of Vijayanagar Kingdom had to give his daughter in marriage to his successful enemy ?

5. Which of the following statements is correct about the 'Sufis' ?

6. Which of the following statements, about Chaitanya's beliefs, is incorrect ?

7. Name the king who made a 2,036 miles long road from Bengal to the north-west frontier.

8. Which of the following rulers of Tughlaq dynasty has been termed as the 'wisest fool' ?

9. Which of the following battles resulted in the fall of Vijayanagar ?

10. Which of the following was the consequence of the Third Baffle of Panipat fought in the year AD 1761 ?

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