General Knowledge - History of India

1. Who was the first Peshwa of the Marathas in the 18th Century?

2. Which of the following did not attract foreign capital?

3. Who launched the strongest opposition to the Ilbert Bill during Ripon's regime?

4. Who were the signatories to the Treaty of Purandar(1665)?

5. Where did Aurangzeb die?

6. During whose reign, the Jana Masjid at Delhi was constructed?

7. Historians are of the view that the British signed the Treaty of Bassien (1802) with a 'Cypher'. Who was this 'Cypher'?

8. What was the most important gainto Ahmad Shah Abdali as a result of the Third Battle of Panipat?

9. In whose court Mansur and Manohar were prominent painters?

10. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the victories of Babur?

General Knowledge

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