General Knowledge - History of India

1. Which of the following is wrongly matched

2. Even though India became independent in 1947 but Daman and Diu remained a European colony till 1961. Which country ruled over it ?

3. King Piyadassi referred to in some ancient Indian inscriptions is identified with

4. 'Ashtadiggajas' was the council of scholars of ____

5. Which of the following were the first rulers in India to issue coins which can be definitely attributed to the kings ?

6. Which ruler went to Sri Lanka to spread Buddhism

7. Ban Ki-moon, present Secretary-General, is the second Asian to hold the post of Secretary General of United Nations. Who was the first Asian ?

8. "Abhinava Bharat" a secret society of revolutionaries, was organized by

9. Temple architecture was most developed under

10. In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler defeated Alexander's general Seleucus Nicator and received the territories of Kabul and Balochistan ?

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  • Bullet Train

    China High Speed Train Bullet Train

    High speed trains (G, D, C trains in China) run much faster than the normal ones. As well as traveling at speeds of upto 400km/h, the bullet trains are operated by advanced technological communication systems.China has so many worthy destinations, many of which are far from each, and in most cases, tourists have no choice but to take an airplane. The high speed railways greatly shorten journeys in this vast land, making long distance trips more convenient, time saving and feasible. For instance, with one bullet train ticket, you can reach Guangzhou from Beijing in 8 hours, however, this 2,000 km (about 1,243 mi) journey takes nearly 24 hours by normal ones.
    Now people generally prefer to travel by high speed trains, which should be attributed to its advantages:
    1. Fast: The present speed is higher than 200km/h, lessening the journey duration. For example, from Beijing to Shanghai, a distance of over 1,200 km (about 746 mi). The journey is shortened to 5 hours from 15 hours if you buy bullet train ticket instead of other tickets.
    2. Punctual: Less influence by weather, they usually arrive at their destinations on time. By contrast, a bus may be delayed because of traffic jams or bad road conditions. Flights may be cancelled because for the bad weather.
    3. Comfortable and Convenient: Seating is very comfortable, and the facilities can better meet passengers demands. Bullet trains are scheduled more frequently for many journeys, so it is easy to buy tickets and passengers dont need to wait too long.
    High speed trains also overcome the disadvantages of buses which face severe safety problems especially for those overnight ones. On the other hand, considering the airports which are usually located far from the city center and the long procedure for taking a flight, travel by the bullet train can be more time saving and convenient, especially for a journey within 5 hours.

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