General Knowledge - History of India

1. Ban Ki-moon, present Secretary-General, is the second Asian to hold the post of Secretary General of United Nations. Who was the first Asian ?

2. What were Indians a thousand years ago

3. What was the type of marriage in the Vedic period in which, in place of the dowry, there was a token bride price of a cow and a bull -

4. King Piyadassi referred to in some ancient Indian inscriptions is identified with

5. The oldest Veda is

6. Identify the famous ruler of the Gupta period

7. 'Ashtadiggajas' was the council of scholars of ____

8. In which year did the Dutch oust the Portuguese from Cochin?

9. King Akbar of the Mughal Dynasty was in power in the

10. Who authored Sanskrit play the 'Mudrarakshasa' ?

General Knowledge

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