General Knowledge - History of India

1. Who among the following ruler was a famous musician?

2. Which of the following were the first rulers in India to issue coins which can be definitely attributed to the kings ?

3. Who compared the Dandi March to Napoleon's March to Paris on his return from Elba ?

4. Identify the famous ruler of the Gupta period

5. In which of the following years did the present name of Uttar Pradesh come into existence?

6. The Hathigumpha inscription (near Bhubaneshwar, Orissa) relates to the king

7. What was the type of marriage in the Vedic period in which, in place of the dowry, there was a token bride price of a cow and a bull -

8. "Patriotism is religion and religion is love for India" - Whose utterance is this ?

9. During the Indian freedom struggle, The Deccan Educational Society was founded by

10. Which of the following is wrongly matched

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