General Knowledge - History of India

1. With reference to the entry of European powers into India, which one of the following statements is NOT correct?

2. Mangal Pandey fired the first shot of the Rovolt of 1857 at

3. Alam Khan, one of those who invited Babar to invade India was

4. The Santhal rebellion of 1855-56 resulted in the creation of a separate geographical entity known as Santhal Parganas for the tribals. Who were the leaders associated with the rebellion?

5. Which of the following is not true of the old stone age?

6. The Ministers during the Sultanate period were appointed and dismissed by

7. The aim of education as stated by the Wood's despatch of 1854 was

8. Which book Was Authored by Krishna Deva Raya?

9. Who said 'Swaraj is my birthright and i shall have it'?

10. In December 2002, the Prime Minster of India signed 'Delhi Declaration' with the

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