General Knowledge - History of India

1. In which of the session did the Muslim League given a call to 'Divide and Quit'?

2. 4th July, 1776 is important in world history because

3. Who among the following was a leading exponent of Gandhian thoughts?

4. Who among the following was not associated with the Swaraj Party?

5. Mangal Pandey fired the first shot of the Revolt of 1857 at

6. The name of Lord Cornwallis is associated with the

7. Communal electorate in India was introduced through which of the following acts?

8. Who said 'Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it'?

9. 'Cripps Mission, came to India in -

10. The Right to impose reasonable restrictions on the fundamental Right of Indian Citizens lies with -

General Knowledge

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