General Knowledge - History of India

1. Who said 'Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it'?

2. Both Mahavira and Buddha preached during the reign of

3. In the 'Individual Satyagraha', Vinoba Bhave was chosen as the first Satyagrahi. Who was the second?

4. Who among the following was a leading exponent of Gandhian thoughts?

5. Anekantavada is a core theory and philosophy of which one of the following?

6. The exclusion of Indians in the Simon Commission was a

7. Who is the first Indian Field Marshal?

8. The Right to impose reasonable restrictions on the fundamental Right of Indian Citizens lies with -

9. Gandhiji's movement of boycotting the foreign goods aimed at

10. From which one of the following did Kosovo declare its independence?

General Knowledge

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