Indian Polity

1. Which of the following is the salient feature of the Indian Constitu tion ?

2. Theidea of Preamblehas been borrowed from the

3. Indian Constitution consists of

4. 0n which of the following grounds, the Government of India can deprive a person of his Indian citizenship ?

5. Which of the following is not true of the Fundamental Rights ?

6. Which of the following objectives is set forth in the Preamble ?

7. Which of the following is not included in the Fundamental Rights ?

8. Which of the following is not meant by the Cultural and Educational Rights ?

9. Which of the following is not included in the Right to Freedom of Religion ?

10. Which of the following rights is not clearly included in the Right to Freedom ?

General Knowledge

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    Lesson No 10

    You should know the ground realities. Bonhomie and feeling of brotherhood in the camp lifts the fighting spirit.

    Pandavas knew their ground realities. They knew their strengths and weaknesses. There was great bonhomie and sense of brotherhood amongst the members of the Pandava camp as they had met people from all strata of life during their Vanvasa.

    Kauravas: Kauravas were brought up in palaces in the lap of luxury, power and pride. They never stayed or connected with the common man. Due to their overconfidence they could never focus on their weaknesses

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