Indian National Movement

1. Which of the following played a key role in bringing about a Religious Reformation among the Hindus ?

2. Which of the following did not happen in the Surat Session of- Congress ?

3. Which of the following reasons was advanced, by Lord Curzon, for partitioning Bengal ?

4. At which of the following places the 1857 revolution first broke out 'I"

5. Which of the following statements, about the administration of Criminal Justice, is correct ?

6. What was the attitude of British Rulers towards the founding of the Indian National Congress ?

7. How the opening of the Suez Canal helped in broadening the~, general outlook of the educated Indians ?

8. Why Moderates thought that Indians owe a debt to England ?

9. Which of the following factors was responsible for the Rise of Nationalism in India ?

10. Which of the following was the cause of First War of Indiam Independence ?

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