Indian National Movement

1. The British built a network of Communications and Transportations for

2. At which of the following places the 1857 revolution first broke out 'I"

3. Which of the following leaders was delported, in May 1907, under the Regulation III of 1818 ?

4. Which of the following Revolutionary Organisations played an important role in the freedom struggle ?

5. How the First World War helped in the Growth of Nationalism in India ?

6. What was the result of the 1857 War of Independence 9

7. Which of the following factors was responsible for the Rise of Nationalism in India ?

8. Which of the following called the Congress a microscopic minority' ?

9. How the opening of the Suez Canal helped in broadening the~, general outlook of the educated Indians ?

10. Why Moderates thought that Indians owe a debt to England ?

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  • Durga Puja

    Media attention

    TV and radio channels telecast Puja celebrations. Many Bengali channels devote whole days to the Pujas. Bengali and Oriya weekly magazines bring out special issues for the Puja known as Pujabarshiki or Sharadiya Sankhya. These contain the works of many writers both established and upcoming and are thus much bigger than the regular issues. Some notable examples are Anandamela, Shuktara, Desh, Sarodiya Anandabazar Patrika, Sananda, Nabakallol, Bartaman All major local news publications are closed on the last day of the festivities.

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