Indian National Movement

1. Which of the following statements, about the elections of 1923, is true ?

2. For which of the following purposes Seth Jainualal BajaJ was subscribing a lakh of rupees per year ?

3. Which of the following works was done by the Swarajist Party in the Legislatures ?

4. The Nehru Report was framed on the pattern of

5. Which of the following was the most important gain of non-cooper-ation movement ?

6. Which of the following statements, about the Swar2jists, is true

7. On February 8, 1924 a resolution moved by Pandit Nehru was unanimously passed by all the elected members. This resolution asked the Government to summon a Representative Round Table Conference. What was the purpose of summoning this Conference ?

8. How the British Government rcacted to Moplah Revolt ?

9. How the All-Parties Conference reacted to the Draft Constitution (Nehru Report) ?

10. Which of the following lawyers left the bar to participate in the non-cooperation movement ?

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