Indian National Movement

1. Which of the following works was done by the Swarajist Party in the Legislatures ?

2. A Reforms Enquiry Committee chaired by Alexander Muddiman was set up, by the Government of India, to report on the working of

3. A programme of non-cooperation was outlined at the Calcutta Session of Congress. it was adopted at the Nagpur Session. in December, 1920. Which of the following was included in this programme ?

4. What was the report of the Muddiman Committee

5. Which of the following factors contributed to the decline in the influence of the Swarajists ?

6. Why the charge of opportunism was levelled against the Swarajists ?

7. Which of the following promises was made, by the Swarajists, to the electorate on the eve of the Second General Election under the Government of India, 1919 Act ?

8. In the Section 84 of the Government of India Act, 1919, there was. a provision for the setting up of a Statutory Commission, at the expiry of ten years, after the passing of the Act. Thus, the: Statutory Commission was scheduled to be set up in 1929. But it was appointed in 1927. Which of the following was the possible cause of setting up the Commission two years earlier than the scheduled date ?

9. Which of the following statements, about the Swar2jists, is true

10. What was the attitude of the Congress towards the action of Ali brothers in leading Moplah Revolt ?

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