Indian National Movement

1. Gandhi enrolled women in the Civil Disobedience Movement.. Women 'Satyagrahis'

2. In December, 1928 a Congress Session was held at Calcutta. in this Session a resolution, asking the British Government to accept the Nehru Report in its entirety, was moved. An important amendment, to this resolution, was moved by Sublias Chandra Bose and seconded by Jawaharlal Nehru. That amendment was for

3. Peasants of Bardoli started a 'Satyagraba' under the leadership of

4. Why Indians had high hopes on the Labour Party of England ?

5. Gandhi preached Swadeshi cult. Indians began to boycott foreignt clothes. Which of the following was the effect of this boycott ?

6. What stand was taken by M.A. Jinnah at the First Round Table Conference ?

7. Which or the following factors was responsible for the start of Civil Disobedience Movement in the.cArly 1930's ?

8. Breaking of salt laws was just a sample act of civil disobedience. What was its reaction ?

9. What was the attitude of the younger Congressmen towards the manifesto issued, by Congress, after the 'Declaration of Lord Irwin' ?

10. Which of the following statements, about Red Shirts, is true

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