Indian National Movement

1. What was the attitude of the younger Congressmen towards the manifesto issued, by Congress, after the 'Declaration of Lord Irwin' ?

2. Which of the following statements, about the comparison of Simon Report and Nehru Report, is correct ?

3. Which of the following statements, about Red Shirts, is true

4. Gandhi enrolled women in the Civil Disobedience Movement.. Women 'Satyagrahis'

5. Which or the following factors was responsible for the start of Civil Disobedience Movement in the.cArly 1930's ?

6. Jawaharlal Nehru resigned from the Secretaryship of the Congress as a protest against the

7. How the Congress Party reacted to the Gandhi-Irwin Pact ?

8. What was the result of "Sapru-Jayakar Peace Parleys" ?

9. Why Mahatma Gandhi chose to break, first of all, the salt laws ?

10. On November 12, 1930 the First Round Table Conference was held in London. Which of the following proposals was mooted in this Conference ?

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