Indian National Movement

1. Which of the following proved to be a major setback to the Civil Disobedience Movement ?

2. In April, 1933 Joint Parliamentary Select Committee was constituted to examine the proposals contained in the White Paper. Who was the Chairman of this Committee ?

3. Mahatma Gandhi again suspended the Civil Disobedience Movement. But he allowed

4. With the arrest of all the top leaders of Congress, the people were, left leaderless. But the Quit India Movement progressed. Which, of the following happened in this movement ?

5. Which of the following was the defect in the Cripps' Proposals ?

6. Which of the following was proposed, by Muslim League, to be included in the Pakistan ?

7. The Communal Award declared, by Ramsay Mac Donald, on August 16, 1932 was a shameless manifestation of the, 'Divideund Rule' policy of the British Government. Which of the following proposals was included in the Communal Award ?

8. Which of the following statements, about the Third Round Table Conference, is correct ?

9. Why the Civil Disobedience Movement was resumed in 1932 ?

10. Indians were ready to help the British cause in the Second World War on the condition that

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