Indian National Movement

1. Which of the following was not the cause of failure of the Quit India

2. Mahatma Gandhi again suspended the Civil Disobedience Movement. But he allowed

3. What was the important announcement made by Lord Linlithgow to win the favour of Indians ?

4. Which of the following was not the Cripps' Proposals ?

5. Why the Extremists, in the Congress Party, were unhappy at the Gandhi-Irwin Pact ?

6. The Communal Award declared, by Ramsay Mac Donald, on August 16, 1932 was a shameless manifestation of the, 'Divideund Rule' policy of the British Government. Which of the following proposals was included in the Communal Award ?

7. In the year 1940, Muslim League held its Session at Lahore and passed a resolution demanding

8. Indians were ready to help the British cause in the Second World War on the condition that

9. How the Indians reacted to the Cripps' Proposals ?

10. Why Mahatma Gandhi started a fast unto death ?

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