International Current Affairs (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. The number of economically active women (excluding students and those doing domestic duties in their there homes) as a percentage of all women of working age (generally those aged 15-64 years) was the highest in 1996 in [1998]

2. A major health mission carried out in 1996 was: [1997]

3. The theme of the World Development Report 2001 is: [2001]

4. The Basque people who are frequently in the news for their separatist activity live in: [2003]

5. Nobel Prize in Economics for the year 1997 was awarded for contribution in the area of: [1998]

6. The world's fastest computer has been able to perform (as of Dec. 1996): [1997]

7. The film 'The Making of the Mahatama'has been directed by: [1997]

8. The Prime Minister of which one of the following countries is chosen by tbe ruling prince from a state of three candidates put up to him by the President of France? [1997]

9. The economic and monetary union of 15 European countries is proposed to be made by 1999. But the currencies of two countries, franc, have already the same value and circulate freely in both the countries. The countries are: [1997]

10. A great landslide caused by an earthquake killed hundreds of people in January 2001 near: [2001]

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