International Current Affairs (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Where do the Sahariya tribals, who were recently in the news, live? [2005]

2. Recently, to which of the following countries did India offer to build a Buddha temple? [2005]

3. 'Hand-in-Hand 2007', a joint anti terrorism military training was held by the officers of the Indian Army and officers of Army of which one of the following countries? [2008]

4. Match List I With List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists: [2005]
List-I (Distinguished Person)
A. Guenter Grass
B. Trevor HuddlestonC. Dicky Dolbia
D. Kim Campbell
List II (Achievement/ Known as)
1. First Woman Prime Minister of Canada
2. Nobel Prize Winner for literature
3. Leading campaigner against apart held in South Africa.
4. Youngest woman to climb the Mt. Everest
5. American violinist

5. What is the broad area in which the Nobel Prize winners for the year 2006 in Physiology or Medicine, worked to get the Prize? [2007]

6. Where was the first desalination plant in India to produce one lakh litres freshwater per day based on low temperature thermal desalination principle commissioned? [2008]

7. Kim Dae-jung won the Nobel for Peace. He is from which one of the following countries? [2008]

8. Zayed bin Sultan-al-Nahyan was a long serving President of which of the following? [2006]

9. A very big refugee camp called Dadaab, recently in the news, is located in

10. Which one of the following pairs of countries joined the European Union in January 2007? [2007]

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