National Current Affairs (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Basel II relates to which one of the following? [2007]

2. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists: [2009]
List-I - List-II
(Famous person) - (Well-known for)
A. MandakiniAmte - 1. Theatre direction
B. Neelam Mansingh Chowdhary - 2. Social service and community leadership
C. RomilaThapar - 3. Dance
D. Vanashree Rao - 4. History writing

3. Consider the following statements: [2007]
1. North Atlantic Co-operation Council (NACC) is the name of the new organization which has replaced the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
2. The United States of America and the United Kingdom became the members of the NATO when it was formed in the year 1949.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

4. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists: [2008]
List-I (Person)
A. Nagendra Singh
B. A N Ray
C. R.K.Trivedi
D. Ashok Desai
List-II (Position)
1. Chief Election Commissioner of India
2. President, International Court of Justice
3. Chief Justice of India
4. Attorney General of India

5. Consider the following famous names: [2009]
1. Amrita Sher-Gil
2. Bikash Bhattacharjee
3. N.S. Bendre
4. Subodh Gupta
Who of the above is/are well known as artist(s)?

6. MCA-21 is a major initiative taken up by the Government of India in which one of the following areas? [2007]

7. With reference to the National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007, consider the following statements: [2010]
1. This policy is applicable only to the persons affected by the acquisition of land for projects and not to the involuntary displacement due to any other reason.
2. This policy has been formulated by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?

8. In the context of Indian news in recent times, what is MCX- SX? [2009]

9. Consider the following statements: [2007]
1. China has the observer's status at the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
2. India has the observer's status at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

10. Consider the following statements: [2009]
1. The Baglihar Power Project had been constructed within the parameters of the Indus Water Treaty.
2. The project was completely built by the Union government with loans from Japan and the World Bank.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

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