Physical Geography (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Who amongst the following was the first to State that the earth was spherical? [2001]

2. Consider the following statements: [2002]
1. Ocean currents are the slow-surface movement of water in the same
2 Ocean currents assist in maintaining the Earth's heat balance
3. Ocean currents are set in motion primarily by prevailing winds
4. Ocean currents are affected by the configuration of the ocean
Which of these statements are correct?

3. The group of small pieces of rock revolving round the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are called: [1997]

4. Willy Willy is: [1995]

5. Which one of the following conditions is most relevant for the presence of life on Mars? [1997]

6. If the starts are seen to rise perpendicular to the horizen by an observer, he is located on the: [2001]

7. Which one of the following scholars suggested the earth's origin from gases and dust particles? [1999]

8. Consider the following statements regarding asteroids: [1998]
1. Asteroids are rocky debris of varying sizes orbiting the Sun
2. Most of the asteroids are small but some have diameter as large and 1000 km
3. The orbit of asteroids lies between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn
Of these statements:

9. Which one of the following layers of the atmosphere is responsible for the deflection of radio waves? [1996]

10. In the middle of the year 2008 the Parliament of which one of the following countries became the first in the world to enact a Climate Act by passing "The Climate Change Accountability Bill"? [2009]

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