Test # Adverbs- Position

I ________ like fish very much; I can eat it, but I wouldn't choose it

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    Those of us who know us, know that India is country that has lots of significance for the Global Grazers team. Our eldest son, Andre , was born in India. The elders (Patrice and me) spent many, many years working in India, and we moved there with Rachel when she was just over a year old. So, naturally, Diwali has become one of our favorite annual celebrations.Hindus around the world began the festival of Diwali today with Dhanteras, a day which is dedicated to wealth. Many (if not most) will purchase gold, silver and household utensils today. They will decorate the entrances to their homes with colorful rangoli (colored rice flour designs), say prayers with offerings of fruits and sweets, and light lamps all around their properties, to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi to their homes.

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