Test # Adverbs- Position in sentence


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  • Rules to play Horseshoes

    The courts

    Stakes are placed 40 feet apart.
    Stakes should extend 14 to 15 inches above the pit surface.
    Stakes may be inclined toward each other, but not more than a 3 inch lean.
    Stakes are solid or hollow steel 1 inch in diameter.
    Stakes should be a minimum of 21 inches from the front and back of the pit.
    Pits are constructed 31 to 36 inches wide and 43 to 72 inches deep. If the pit is less than the maximum dimensions, the extra space shall be filled with the same material of which the platforms are made and shall be level with the pit and platforms. the stake at the center.
    Pits are best filled with clay, which must be watered periodically to maintain its texture. Sand, sawdust, and loose soil are more commonly used. The purpose of the filler is to keep the shoes from bouncing excessively, so any material that accomplishes this can be used. Minimum depth of the substance is 4 inches but 8 inches is recommended.
    A foul line is marked 3 feet in front of each stake. Thus, the resulting throwing distance (foul line to opposite stake) is 37 feet. For Female, Junior, and Elderly contestants the foul line is 27 feet from the opposite stake.

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