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    The Batu Caves Hindu Shrine

    When it comes to exotic Asian temples, then the Batu Caves shrine in Selangor, Malaysia would certainly be in the must visit toplist.Although this Malaysian religious site is not very old, the atmosphere there is unparalleled and visiting it can be the experience of a lifetime.It a mysterious place that creates and uplifting feeling.The Batu Caves shrine is the largest Hindu shrine outside India.It not ancient, but has a strong vintage feel and it also a thrilling scenic place (a great location for taking photos), as we can find out (along with other information) from Escape Hunter, the mysterious incognito traveler.The site is not remote and you do not have to hike through dangerous jungle, expose yourself to snakes and dangerous spiders to get there.It takes roughly half an hour to reach it from central Kuala Lumpur KL Sentral station, by train.Entry is free and taking photos is not a taboo like at some religious sites.If you have not been to India, this Hindu shrine will be your little piece of India in Malaysia.

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