Test # Antonyms and Synonyms

'Wonderful'and 'terrible'are ________

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  • Rules to Play Down Hill Skiing


    The slalom event tests a skiers ability to maneuver quickly and efficiently down a ski slope scattered with alternating blue and red gates. The number of gates on a course is normally between 60 65 for men, 50 55 for women.

    Because of the high technical demands of the course, the ratio of skiers who do not complete the course (DNF) to skiers is quite high. Occasionally, a skier who has missed a gate will ski up the hill to successfully pass it before completing the course and getting an official result. Clearly, this unexpected detour removes even the most skilled skier from medal contention. A skier may also be disqualified (DQ) after crossing the finish line if replays show that he or she improperly passed a gate.

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