Test # Comparatives and Superlatives

The underground is ________ buses.

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    A Fresh Start

    Diwali also marks the new year. For some, the day of Diwali itself is the first day of the new year, and for others the new year day is the day following Diwali. But, for all this season is one of heralding in the New Year.In the joyous mood of this season, we clean our homes, our offices, our rooms, letting the light of Diwali enter all the corners of our lives. We begin new checkbooks, diaries and calendars.It is a day of starting fresh.On this day we clean every room of the house we dust every corner of the garage, we sweep behind bookshelves, vacuum under beds and empty out cabinets. But, what about our hearts.When was the last time we swept out our hearts.When did we last empty them of all the dirt and garbage that has accumulated throughout our lives.That is the real cleaning we must do. That is the real meaning of starting fresh. We must clean out our hearts, ridding them of darkness and bitterness we must make them clean and sparkling places for God to live. We must be as thorough with ourselves as we are with our homes. Are there any dark corners in our hearts we have avoided for so long.Are we simply sweeping all the dirt under the rug.God sees all and knows all.He knows what is behind every wall of our hearts, what is swept into every corner, and what is hidden under every rug.Let us truly clean out our hearts let us rid ourselves of the grudges, pain, and anger that clutter our ability to love freely.Let us empty out every nook and cranny, so that His divine light can shine throughout.

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