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    Juniperus sabina

    Key Uses:
  • Genital warts
  • Infertility
  • Itching, burning external genitalia
  • Phimosis, swelling of the upper penis, and gonorrhea
  • Uterine problems, such as pale red, clotting hemorrhages

    Origin : Grows in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Background : Savin was used internally in 19th- century Europe to induce abortions, although generally it has been little used in herbal medicine due to its high toxicity.

    Preparation : The fresh, young branch tops and leaves are chopped before being macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : This remedy is best suited to people who are dejected and hypochondriac. They may be irritable and find that even music makes them nervous. They often dislike being talked to, especially when walking in the open air. They may sob or weep and have weak memories.
    Sabina is strongly associated with the reproductive organs, and is commonly used for problems such as genital warts or itching, burning external genitalia. In men it is also prescribed for phimosis (constriction of the foreskin), swelling of the upper penis, and gonorrhea.
    The remedy may be given to women for uterine problems featuring pale-red, clotting hemorrhages that become worse for the slightest movement and better for walking. The uterus may seem to quiver, as if there is a fetus moving inside it. Further symptoms include itchy nipples with a voluptuous, crawling sensation, sharp pains shooting up the vagina, and violent hot flashes and pulsations in the body. Menstrual flow is often profuse and premature, with pains similar to those felt during labor. Sabina is a classic remedy in pregnancy for those who are prone to miscarriages, especially during the third month of pregnancy. It is also prescribed following labor, if the placenta has been retained and there is intense pain.
    A craving for acidic foods and drinks, especially lemonade, may be apparent, and everything, but especially coffee and milk, may taste bitter. There may be violent hot flashes, pulsations in the body, and an urge to throw open a window.

    Symptoms Better : For cold; for open air; for breathing out.

    Symptoms Worse : For heat; for warm air; for the heat of the bed; for the slightest movement; for foggy weather; at night; during pregnancy and the menopause; for music; for touch.

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