Test # Definite Article or Zero Artic

It's the first road on ________

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    Largest Bottle of Catsup

    Its said this 170 ft. tall (50 m) water tower could hold up to 640,000 14 oz. bottles of ketchup. The Collinsville, Illinois water tower was built in 1949 for the G.S. Suppiger ketchup bottling plant, bottlers of Brooks Rich & Tangy Ketchup. It reads catsup after the original Brooks bottle. Brooks left the town in the 1970s, but the well loved bottle remains. Its so cherished, in fact, that the town gathers each summer to sing it Happy Birthday at the annual Catsup Bottle Festival. The daylong event features a ketchup tasting, a water balloon toss, a hula hoop contest, a (smothered in ketchup) hot dog eating contest and a contest to crown kids as Little Princess Tomato and Sir Catsup.

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