Test # Indirect speech

She explained how __________ do it.

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    Singing sand

    AKA Whistling sand, barking sand What is it? Sand that emits moaning and/or booming noises when disturbed by wind or feet. Thought to be sounds bouncing between the surface and a hard layer below; may be dependent on the sand s grain size and silica content. Where? Worldwide only about 40 dunes ?sing . Whichever tuneful dune you visit, it needs to be totally dry to perform. Choose an especially arid spot, such as the 200m high Eureka dunes of Death Valley when the grains tumble down the dunes steepest face, they rumble like a distant plane. Other surreal sandy spots include Mingsha, at Dunhuang, China; the dunes near Liwa Oasis, UAE; and the white Witsand Roaring Dunes in the Kalahari, South Africa.

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