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    Visit The Harrods Christmas Grotto In London

    Now I have already mentioned that you should go and take the kids to see santa, but this is a little different, and although I have never been to the Harrods Christmas Grotto I have heard it is great fun for everyone who attends. Harrods is one of Londons most famous stores, owned by the very well known and highly respected Muhammed Al Fayed. Harrods has been a very high end store for the past 40 years or more now and shows no signs of slowing. Whats interesting about Harrods Christmas Grotto is that they actually have their very own Harrods Christmas Parade too, which is quite unheard of elsewhere in the UK, I guess you could say that Harrods is the UK equivalent of Macys in the US. Back to the subject of Harrods Christmas Grotto, the fee is

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