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    Saxifraga Sarmentosa

    This species of Saxifrage differing so widely from the others, both in its habit and fructification, as to create a doubt in the minds of some, whether it ought not to be considered as a distinct genus, is a native of China, and one of the many plants which have been introduced into our gardens since the time of Miller.Its round variegated leaves, and strawberry like runners, the uncommon magnitude of the two lowermost pendant petals, joined to the very conspicuous glandular nectary in the centre of the flower, half surrounding the germen, render this species strikingly distinct.It is properly a greenhouse plant, in mild winters indeed it will bear the open air, especially if placed at the foot of a wall, or among rock work, but, in such situations, it is frequently killed in severe seasons.It flowers in May and June, but does not produce its blossoms so freely as some others.No difficulty attends the propagation of it, for it increases so fast by its runners, as to be even troublesome.

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