Test # Phrasal Verbs - Come

Although I shampooed the carpet, the wine stain just wouldn't come ________

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    Skirt style

    So below is how I do the skirt style.We have two different versions in this.They are not that much different but we think the 2nd one makes a fuller skirt.In the first version we put two pleats, one over each hip, in the beginning.This helps if you have a really full slip.You can skip it if you just have a normal sari slip.In both versions I also go around more than once and my pleats are not as even as the pleats in the image.We find that it is not such a big deal though because it still looks great IMHOP.We are not a perfectionist, though sometimes it might be good if we were.However if you prefer only going around once with all the pleats then make them really close together.You can also use up a lot of fabric by making them really big and kind of stacking them as you go.

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