Test # Phrasal Verbs - Draw

In winter, the nights draw ________ earlier.

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    Durga Puja Fast

    Durga Puja has been one of the most important Hindu festivals since time immemorial. Today, Durga Puja is celebrated on a grand scale by innumerable devotees all over the country. Mata Durga is worshipped on a grand scale and her idols are consecrated. The idol of Durga Maa is elaborately adorned with magnificent jewelery and embroidered saris. Prayers are offered and rituals are performed to honor the Goddess Durga. People also observe fast during the puja as part of the rituals. The custom of fasting during Durga puja has been followed for centuries with complete sincerity and devotion. There are many devotees who fast during Navaratri 9 days every year. The fast is observed to please Goddess Durga and to seek her blessings. There are different methods of fasting, followed by different people, but the purpose is the same for all, which is seeking the blessings of goddess Durga. Read further to learn about the significance of fasting during the holy occasion of Durga puja.

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