Test # Phrasal Verbs - Fall

They fell ________ after he was rude to her

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  • Rules to play Jai Alai

    Miscellaneous Jai Alai rules

    These rules cover the certain aspects of the game the players duties and conduct.
    1) When a game is started, it can not be stopped until win, place and show positions have been officially established.
    2) When a game is started the post positions one and two must appear on the court to start the action. Post position one will serve the first ball.
    3) If a ball becomes defective during the game, a server should select another ball.
    4) If a server does not complete the serve or the ball touches his or his partner cloth, the point is rewarded to an opponent.
    5) A served ball must strike first a front wall.
    6) Only one serve is allowed for each point.
    7) In case of a tie after a win position has been officially declared, its not necessary for the rest of the players or teams to score the full games number of points. When there still remains 5 or 7 players or teams, the play off for place and show positions will be for a goal of one point less than the number of post positions still in the game. 8) Official Jai Alai games are classified into 5 categories: elimination singles, elimination doubles, American elimination, Spectacular seven, doubles and triples match games. 9) In the elimination singles and doubles games the number of points necessary for a win position equals the number of post positions minus one. For ex. if there are 8 teams or players in the match, the goal is to score 7 points to win the match. 10) The players' t shirts must be colored according to their post positions: No.1 Red color; No.2 Blue; No.3 White; No.4 Green; No.5 Black; No.6 Yellow; No.7 Brown; No.8 Purple. 11) All Jai Alai players must show up on the court and practice before the start of the match. 12) The players should take the positions off the court before the start of the game according to their post positions. 13) The player who is serving the ball has the right to choose the ball. The receiver can only reject it if the ball is damaged. 14) Jai Alai players are requited to give their best effort during the game. If a judge comes to an opinion that a player performs below his abilities, the judge can suspend and fine a player. 15) If a Jai Alai player is suspended at one fronton, that suspension is valid in all other frontons in the same gaming jurisdiction.

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