Test # Phrasal Verbs - Give

The teacher gave the homework ________ to the students after she'd corrected it

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  • Arvind Kejriwal


    He was born on Janmashtami birth day of Lord Krishna and one day after the Independence day of India. He was also called as Munna by his parents. Arvind was a very well known scholar from his schooldays. He did his schooling form Siwani and Ghaziabad. According to his mother, Kejriwal was so focused towards his studies that he even did his studies in bathroom if any guest arrived at home. After seeing his zeal and commitment, AKs grandfather Mangal Chand Kejriwal wanted him to be a doctor and even bought a land in Hissar, Haryana where he could build a hospital for Arvind to practice. But Arvind was inspired more from his seniors who joined IITs and finally he decided to do engineering from IIT only.He qualified JEE and got a seat in IIT Kharagpur. Arvind also played a vital role to stop ragging in his college. AK was a big movie lover and one of his colleague used to buy tickets on Friday for the whole group of friends.

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