Test # Phrasal Verbs - Lock

A missile locks out its target.

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    Create your game plan

    Having a plan is vital to your success. With a plan, success is yours. Without a plan, you will be working far harder than you have to. A plan adds organization to your goal because it details specific actions and steps to get there.Creating a plan will prevent your goal from becoming overwhelming. The temptation to feel overwhelmed is normal. Your plan will give you comfort and help you succeed. There is no right or wrong way to plan. Your plan can be formal and long or uncomplicated and short. Heres how to create one Take your career goal and break it into smaller pieces. Get out your calendar and write down the specific small pieces you will do and when you will complete them. Tweak and make changes as you implement your plan. Use your plan to encourage and guide you. After all, your plans underlying goal is for you to have an exceptional year.

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