Test # Phrasal Verbs - Lock

If a boss closes a factory to stop workers entering, he or she locks the workers up.

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    Boss Day Party Menu

    Boss day is around the corner and planning a party that befits your magnanimous boss is the least you could possibly do for him/her. A party is a big affair and requires endless planning and long hours of organising. Decorations, presents, party favours, sending out invitations and making arrangements like the music, dance floor, etc. ca notake up most of your time. An important thing missing from the above mentioned list is food ! No party can be a success without the much important menu card and food arrangements . From the innumerable cuisines and food themes that you can possibly imagine, you will be more than just a little confused when it comes to picking one amongst them all. Sticking with your boss favourite dishes and cuisine is always a safe bet! Important considerations like the number of people in your guest list and the budget will help you plan your party perfectly. With two to three starters, four to five main course dishes and two to three dessert options.

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