Test # Phrasal Verbs - Make

I made ________ the story because noone would have believed the truth

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  • Rules to play Figure Skating

    Competition format and scoring

    The International Skating Union (ISU) is the governing body for international competitions in figure skating, including the World Championships and the figure skating events at the Winter Olympic Games. Medals are awarded for overall results. The standard medal colors are gold for first place, silver for second, and bronze for third place. U.S. Figure Skating also awards pewter medals for fourth place finishers in national events. At the World, European, Four Continents, and World Junior Championships, the ISU also awards small medals for segment results (short and free program).

    In singles and pairs figure skating competition, competitors must perform two programs, the short program, in which the skater must complete a list of required elements consisting of jumps, spins and steps; and the free skate, also known as the long program, in which the skaters have slightly more choice of elements. Under both the 6.0 system and the ISU Judging System, the judges consider the complete package when evaluating performances, i.e. The best jumper is not always placed first if the judges consider another skaters speed, spins, presentation, etc., to outweigh the difference in jumping execution.

    Ice dancing competitions formerly consisted of three phases: one or more compulsory dances; an original dance to a ballroom rhythm that is designated annually; and a free dance to music of the skaters own choice. Beginning in the 2010 11 season, the compulsory and original dances were merged into the short dance.

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