Test # Phrasal Verbs - See

When I left the party, the hostess saw me ________

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  • Rajiv Gandhi

    Entry into politics

    After the death of his brother Sanjay, the senior members of the Indian National Congress party approached Rajiv Gandhi, in order to persuade him joining politics. But, Rajiv was reluctant about joining and said no to them. His wife, Sonia Gandhi, also stood by Rajivs stand of not entering into politics. But after constant request from his mother Indira Gandhi, he decided to contest. His entry was criticized by many in the press, public and opposition political parties. They saw the entry of NehruGandhi scion into politics as a forcedhereditaryparticipation. Within a few months of his election as a Member of Parliament, Rajiv Gandhi acquired significant party influence and became an important political advisor to his mother. He was also elected as the general secretary of the AllIndia Congress Committee and subsequently became the president of the Youth Congress.

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