Test # Phrasal Verbs - Sign

I signed ________ and sent the message.

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  • Tips to get ready for Study Abroad

    Discuss safety and emergency plan

    Of course, you will hope this trip will be as routine as a car ride to the grocery store, but it may not be. So, plan accordingly. Make sure your student knows what to do if he or she (1) loses travel documents or identification; (2) gets sick; (3) needs more money, or, (4) experiences problems with the host family, school, etc. Your student should carry on an envelope that contains photocopies of all travel documents, identification, including drivers license and student ID, and insurance cards (health insurance and prescription drug programs). You should also maintain a file with photocopies of these items as well. Program contacts and chaperones will likely provide you with other information on how to troubleshoot these and other issues. Otherwise, have a discussion with your student on the importance of making good decisions while studying or living abroad. For example, its important that they do not go it alone, rather they should embrace the buddy system or stay with the group when venturing out. At a minimum, they will need to make sure that someone knows where they are at all times.

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