Test # Phrasal Verbs - Speak

I need to speak ________ you if you have a minute

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    The biggest mistake I made when I first cut my hair short was refusing to take the 5-10 minutes each morning to style it. You know, with tools and stuff. While a good hairstyle should really do most of the work for you, a little heat and product will make a huge difference (for me itís not even about how it looks, itís just that my hair listens better after Iíve thrown some gunk in it.) Product is also protection; you donít ever want heat to touch your hair without a barrier (what kind you need will depend on your hairís texture and how you like to style it. Your stylist will be able to make a recommendation.) The good news is that since your hair will be short, you wonít end up using much product, so it can last forever (a medium sized bottle usually lasts me six months with everyday usage). If this is your first time going short, ask your stylist to set aside a few minutes at the end of your appointment for a mini lesson on styling.

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