Test # Phrasal Verbs - Take

She took a lodger ________ to help pay the rent

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  • Indira Gandhi

    A government divided

    Gandhi immediately set about reorganizing the party to make it a more effective instrument of administration and national development. Her goal was to achieve a wider measure of social and economic justice for all Indians. As her left of center policies (slightly liberal, or supporting civil liberties and social progress) became clear, the Congress Party split, with the younger, more liberal elements rallying around Gandhi and the older, more conservative party leaders opposing her. This division came to a head in July 1969 when she nationalized (brought under the control of government) the countrys fourteen leading banks in a highly popular move meant to make credit more available to agriculture and to small industry.The split was formalized when Gandhis candidate for the presidency of India, V. V. Giri, won over the partys official nominee. Although Gandhi took 228 members of Parliament with her into the New Congress, this was not a majority in the 521 member house, and she held power only with support from more liberal parties. In December 1970, when Gandhi failed to get the necessary support to abolish, or end, the privileges of the former Indian princes, she called on the president to dissolve Parliament. Midterm elections were set for March 1971, one full year ahead of schedule.A coalition, or alliance, of three parties of the right and an anti Congress socialist party opposed Gandhi, who made alliances with liberal parties as well as some regional parties. Her platform was essentially one of achieving social and economic change more rapidly in an effort to improve the quality of life of Indias people. Her party won a massive victory with over a two thirds majority in Parliament.

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